2020, un 75th anniversary

23 october 2020
INdia post

Issued on the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, this stamp commemorates the shared values and special relationship between India and the United Nations.

Earlier stamps issued by India on the occasion include United Nations Day on 24 October 1954; on 24 October 1970 to mark the 25th anniversary of the UN; on 24 October 1985 to celebrate the UN’s 40th Anniversary and on 26 June 1995 to mark 50 years of the United Nations.

India and the UN have an abiding commitment to multilateralism and dialogue as the keys to achieving shared goals and addressing challenges faced by the global community.

As an active member of the UN, India has made significant contributions to implementing the goals of the UN Charter in peace building and peacekeeping, sustainable development, poverty eradication, environment, climate change, terrorism, disarmament, human rights, health, migration, cybersecurity, space and frontier technologies, as well as reforms of the United Nations.

India currently sits on the Human Rights Council, on the Executive Boards of multiple UN agencies, not to mention many UN Commissions.

India assumed the Chair of the WHO Executive Board this year, during the most challenging moment in the history for WHO, and has stressed the importance of shared responsibility in that role.

In April this year, India co-sponsored a UN General Assembly Resolution for fair, equitable, and timely access to equipment and medication, and any future COVID-19 vaccines to all nations. As the “pharmacy of the world”, India will play a critical role in the roll out of the COVID vaccine, both in India and around the world.

This coming January 2021, India will begin a two year term at the UN Security Council.

Release ceremony for the commemorative stamp on the 75th Anniversary of the UN on 23 October 2020